Gold Coast Spirit Tower


Gold Coast Spirit Tower

Gold Coast, Australia

The Gold Coast Spirit is an 88 story residential tower which will be the tallest building in Australia with a height of 297.8m.  KB provided polymer support fluid to our client Keller for stabilizing 1800mm diameter, 42m deep bored piles in loose to medium sands over clay The site was 15m from the beach and experienced tidal groundwater levels with saline groundwater.

Some of the piles were drilled to final depth and left over the weekend without any settlement or stability issues. The piles once concreted had plunge in columns installed in them ranging from 21-23 m. The site had 6 piles tested using cross-hole sonic tests and all piles showed good results.

KB provided a full-time onsite technician to assist with the process of polymer mixing and dosage rates, usage of the polymer and instruction on the addition of additives.