Kingdom Tower


Kingdom Tower

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

When completed, the Kingdom Tower located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia will be the world’s tallest building at 1,008 meters (3,307 feet). The foundation required a total of 270 drilled piles with 72 of the piles extending to a depth of 110 meters (360 feet), 30 meters deeper than any pile previously drilled in the area. The soil consisted of degraded and saturated coral reef with solution channels and was subject to tidal movement due to the site’s proximity to the Red Sea.

Saudi Bauer chose KB International to supply and service the drilling fluids based on a history of successful joint projects with difficult drilling conditions. KB utilized its Enhanced SlurryPro CDP System for optimum wall support and skin friction development. KB also supplied a full-time engineering staff to monitor the fluid conditions and ensure a constant supply to all 4 of the drilling rigs operating in unison.

KB International had to demonstrate our technology to the owner. KB drilled a test pile and left it open for 21 days and used a Koden each day to monitor the pile. There was no change in the Koden results over the 21 days. After testing was completed, the remaining piles were excavated without issue.